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Colors: Black
Color Type: High-Gloss
Electronic Lock: Yes
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    • 1/2" steel plate door combined with 1" DryLight insulation.
    • 2" total wall thickness on all sides featuring our poured DryLight insulation and two layers of steel for exceptional fire and security protection. Total combined steel thickness of walls is 7 gauge.
    • U.L. Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification.
    • 11 massive 1 1/2" chrome-plated bolts. Bolt detent system holds bolts in the open position.
    • New ultra smooth cam driven locking mechanism with increased handle rotation.
    • Commercial grade, adjustable ball bearing hinges.
    • Now available with Left Swing or Right Swing door.
    • U.L. listed Group II lock with massive hard plate and two relocking devices.


    • NEW Intertek laboratory testing confirms that the BF6030 has superior fire protection for two hours at 1,200 degrees F.
    • AMSEC's BF Gun Safes use a proprietary fill material called DryLight, which offers exceptional fire protection without adding excess weight.
    • This superior fire protection was confirmed at Intertek, the industry's leading independent laboratory for gun safe fire testing.
    • When analyzing the fire performance of competitive safes, be sure to weigh reports from independent laboratories against unverified factory testing.
    • During fire testing, Intertek kept the BF Gun Safe in the test oven for two hours.
    • Within 8 minutes, the furnace temperature was raised to 1200 degrees F, and that temperature was maintained for the remainder of the two-hour test.
    • This method is consistent with the UL-72 fire test curve.
    • Typical house fires only reach temperatures of 1100 degrees F.
    • A safe is considered to have failed this test if temperatures exceed 350 degrees F anywhere in the safe.
    • This safe passed the test as internal temperatures never exceeded 325 degrees F during the two hours of testing.
    • Paper typically starts to ignite at 450 degrees F.

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