Your home is your castle, something you worked hard for. And keeping your home safe and secure is an important part of your role as a homeowner. Let's look at 10 best burglar deterrents you can use to make your job a little easier. 1. Alarm Systems Burglar alarms and home security systems are among the most common and effective ways to protect your home. Alarm systems can range from self-installed units that can be purchased at a local home improvement store to fully automated systems that are directly linked to a third-party monitoring center or your local law enforcement agency. Private home security system providers like ADT and LifeShield are good choices for homeowners looking for 24-hour comprehensive home protection. 2. Dogs Some argue that big, vicious dogs are the best defense against burglars. Others say that the size of the dog doesn't really matter, as long as they make enough noise to alert homeowners when something isn't quite right. Regardless of their size, a dog's presence alone can discourage burglars who are casing a neighborhood for the easiest house to pilfer. 3. Security Cameras Although it can be costly, video surveillance can be an effective deterrent to potential burglars. Upon seeing a security camera strategically positioned on the exterior of a home, a burglar will need to think twice about entering. Even if the security camera is just for show and does not actually connect to a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system inside your home, it presents an additional obstacle to would-be intruders. 4. Safes It should go without saying that keeping valuables out of plain sight and away from doors and windows is a good idea if you want to prevent theft. However, keeping your valuables like cash and jewelry in common places such as a nightstand drawer or in the closet is also a bad idea. Experienced burglars know all of the common hiding places, and will normally make a beeline for these spots in order to get in and out as quickly as possible. Instead, keep your valuables locked inside a wall safe or depository safe, especially when you are not home. 5. Heavy-Duty Locks Don't count solely on chain locks to keep burglars from entering your home. Chain locks are normally installed using relatively short screws, making them susceptible to failure if enough force is applied to the outside of a door. Opting for standard deadbolt locks on all of the doors in your home is a much better way to keep potential intruders out. There are even automatic home door locks that allow for locking and unlocking of doors from a remote location. 6. Reinforced Doors In the same way that installing deadbolt locks can prevent entry into your home through excessive force, reinforcing your doors with stronger hinges and framing will make it much more difficult for thieves to kick them in. By installing steel plating around your wooden door frame, you will effectively be preventing wood from splitting during a kick-in attempt. For sliding doors, a quick and effective security measure is to place some type of wedge in the floor track of the door. 7. Motion Sensors Burglars don't like to be noticed. Installing motion-activated lights outside of your home is a good way to ensure that any movement will be detected and brought to your attention. If you are out of town, seeing your outdoor lights triggered can tip off your neighbors to potential nefarious activity. 8. Yard Maintenance A well-kept yard with trimmed bushes and shrubs helps to eliminate hiding places for burglars, especially around doors and windows. Keeping up on your yard work is also a sign to potential intruders that you are around often, so mowing the lawn or sweeping the leaves before heading on vacation is a good idea. 9. Window Treatments Don't give burglars a chance to check out the look you have inside your home. Install blinds, curtains, or shutters on your windows, particularly, those that face the street. Not only will burglars be unable to see inside, but they also present another obstacle to entry. 10. Keep Up Apperances If you plan on being away from your home for an extended period of time, ask your neighbors to pick up your mail, newspapers, and magazines. Mail accumulated on your front porch is a major tip-off to burglars that you aren't home. Also, consider having your neighbors put your trash out on the correct day. A trash can set on the curb several days ahead of pick-up is another sign that you aren't around.