It's safe to say that we're more reliant on our smartphones today than ever before. One of the most useful things about the modern smartphone is that it offers an app for almost everything. Whether you want to control your Wi-Fi-enabled coffee machine on the road or watch over your home and possessions while on vacation, your phone can help you accomplish just that. While a home security app might not stop a burglary or fire from happening, they can inform you the second something goes wrong. As the Internet of Things makes it easier than ever for us to set up our ideal "smart home," apps now exist that allow you to control your lawnmower, lights, locks, and thermostats at the touch of a button. There is a wide range of devices and apps available today, and many solutions don't even need extra hardware to perform — you can simply set up your existing technology to monitor your home on your behalf. Here, we'll look at five apps that could help you keep an eye on your most valuable asset.

1. Camio

If you're looking for a smart camera surveillance system that doesn't require you to pay for additional hardware, Camio could be the perfect solution for you. This brand-new startup allows you to transform your Apple or Android smartphone into a web-connected camera, capable of saving up to 30 days’ worth of video on the cloud. With Camio, you can watch your data stream from anywhere you get a connection, and even access a simpler solution for short-term monitoring called "Camio Daily." The most innovative element of this app is that it's selective about the data it collects. The algorithm can easily tell the difference between someone walking up to your front door and a tree branch blowing in the wind. Because Camio relies on the performance of your tablet, smartphone, or computer, any updates, re-starts, or accidental shutdowns of the devices would mean that you lose access to your feed. This may mean that it isn't perfect for long vacations, but could be ideal for when you want to check up on things from work or a short trip.

2. Alfred

The Alfred home security camera is similar to Camio in that it also delivers home monitoring from your smartphone. Unlike Camio, however, Alfred also includes a two-way communication solution so that you can communicate with a house sitter, or say hi to your dog while you're at work, if you want to. In fact, you could even make it sound like someone's at home if you're concerned about a shady character outside. The app offers a night-vision mode for when it gets darker, but the quality of your video is likely to vary depending on the type of smartphone you have. This means that you might struggle to see much on cheaper models. However, if you're confident in the pixels on your phone, and you're not leaving the home for too long, it could be a great way to keep an eye on a babysitter or check on the house when you're out for a night on the town.

3. Vivint Sky App

If you're looking for a smart home app that you can use throughout your vacation to help you enjoy more peace of mind on-the-move, the Vivint Sky app could be perfect. While you do need to be a customer of Vivint to use the application, you can enjoy a range of home automation functions from the moment you sign up. For instance, you can adjust your lights so they brighten when you arrive home from work, or lock the doors if you forgot before you left. Whether you're just watching over the household pet with live video, or arming and disarming your security measures remotely, Vivint has countless options available for home security. You can even control small appliances and program your thermostat from your smartphone. If you ask a family member to visit your home while you're away, you can also add them as a user remotely, so you don't get a security alert.

4. ADT

More of a complete security system than a basic app, the ADT security solution offers complete home monitoring for those who need absolute peace of mind when they're away from home for more than a couple of days. The ADT Pulse system offers remote monitoring from your iPad, computer, or smartphone so you can adjust your thermostat, view cameras, close your garage door, or control your locks remotely. ADT allows you to check your home security at your leisure, adjust your lights to make it seem like someone is home, and record security camera feeds, too. You can specify your alerts so that you're informed by phone or email if there's a temperature problem, a fire, or a potential intrusion.

5. Ivideon

Designed for people who want to stay close to their home while they're away, Ivideon is an app available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and so other platforms. With more than 2 million users around the world, the system has earned a reputation as one of the best pieces of security technology available for both home and business customers. With Ivideon, you'll need to have compatible cameras installed into your home or office, but once you're all set up, the system is practically flawless. You can record as much information as you want, and store it on the cloud so that you can use the data for legal purposes. You can also send audio back over the web, too, which is great for scaring criminals — or soothing lonely pets. Western Safe has been helpings Americans protect their belongings with burglary safes and other safes for more than 70 years. Check out our inventory today, and get in touch with us if you need help selecting the safe that’s right for you.
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