According to the president and CEO of the "National Shooting Sports Foundation", Steve Sanetti, homeowners could prevent almost all firearm accidents with the use of proper precautions. When keeping guns secure, proper storage can be the most effective way of preventing accidents - after all, anyone who chooses to own a firearm should respect that weapon and know how to keep it secure when they aren't using it. Project Child Safe has championed "S.A.F.E” in the past - an acronym which stands for: Securing firearms when not in use Awareness of individuals who shouldn't have unauthorized gun access Focus on firearm ownership responsibility Education for all about safe firearm storage and handling By storing your firearms in a safe, you can keep your family and loved ones protected from gun accidents and misuse. Following are just some of the reasons why owning and using a gun safe is so important.

1. Fundamental to Gun Safety

Rule number one in gun safety centers on owners controlling who has access to their firearms, and when. The last person you want to get their hands on your weapons is a burglar or thief - but it's also important to consider the other individuals who may spend time in your home, from friends and house-sitters, to babysitters, visitors, and even children. Although it may seem suitable to use a locked glass cabinet in storing your guns when it comes to protecting them from children, friends and visitors - keep in mind that a breakable case won't present much of a deterrent to criminals. Usually, gun safes are the best option for not only keeping your firearms safely out of view, but also ensuring that malicious individuals cannot access the most dangerous assets in your home.

2. Requirements for Child Access Prevention

As mentioned above, storing firearms to ensure they are inaccessible to children is essential. Although specific security measures may vary, all parents must take the most diligent steps in protecting their child from guns. Although you might purchase your weapon as a way to defend your family, small children may struggle to understand the true risk of playing with a firearm, and the results of unauthorized access can be devastating. Similarly, although no federal legal requirements currently exist, the District of Columbia, alongside 27 states have all issued requirements that children should be prevented access to guns through the use of safes. The children in question do not have to belong to you, and the penalties for allowing any child access to a gun can vary according to the outcome of negligent storage practices.

3. Laws on Firearm Locking Devices

Even if you never have any children present within your home - many states will still require you to lock your guns away. Currently, eleven states have laws regarding firearm locking devices, and California even has standards in place to determine how secure a firearm safety device must be. Massachusetts is the only state at this time that requires all firearms to be stored using a lock, whereas New York, Connecticut and California impose such a requirement within specific circumstances. However, other state laws are more general, and center on the concept of keeping firearms secure and out of the hands of unauthorized users.

4. Meeting Insurance Requirements

Depending on the type and number of guns you have in your possession, you may need a completely separate policy or additional rider to access insurance coverage. Depending on your gun value, your insurance company is likely to request that you keep your guns in a certified and alarmed safe for security. It's usually a good idea to discuss your specific needs with your insurance provider before buying a safe, as the certification your insurance needs will typically be more than just any standard gun safe. Some insurance companies even ask policy-holders to split their collection between numerous safes to reduce the likelihood of criminals stealing all items.

5. Tax Rebate / Deduction

The Secure Firearms Act allows gun owners to receive an income tax deduction of around $1,200 for the purchase of a gun safe. If you keep the right documents and papers on hand, you may be able to access a tax write-off. Make sure to check the possibilities with your accountant before buying your ideal safe.

Stay Secure

Remember that guns can be an ideal way of protecting your family from intruders and criminals - but at the same time they are also dangerous. By locking up your gun in an approved safe, you protect your 2nd amendment rights and display responsible ownership. What do you think is the most important reason to keep your gun in a safe? Let us know in the comments!
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