Whether your business is large or small, chances are it can't afford to deal with the expenses of an unexpected burglary. For companies that are struggling to thrive in an unpredictable economy, burglary can make all the difference between great success and instant failure. Although a lot of people focus on ensuring the security of their homes with locks, alarm systems, and home safes, it's easy to forget that your business needs protection too. After all, research indicates that businesses may be more tempting to thieves than your home, with some reports indicating that a burglary takes place every 10 seconds. The following 5 steps can help to prevent business burglary, protect your investment, and keep you above water in the professional world.

Step 1: Illuminate Your Business

One of the best ways to deter thieves and burglars is to install adequate lighting around your business. Keeping your property well-lit on the outside and on the inside can make thieves feel nervous, and thus less likely to target your premises. Pay attention to dark areas around your property where burglars might lurk, and consider installing motion-activated lights around the entryway. Lights not only help to deter criminals, but they also allow passers-by to identify criminals if they do witness a break-in.

Step 2: Protect Your Valuables with Alarms and Safes

Alarm and security systems can detect motion in and around your business. These systems can immediately contact the police, so that you can have the right people on your doorstep within a matter of minutes. Alarms are also crucial in protecting your business from other potential disasters, such as fire. You should keep your most essential valuables secured in a fireproof safe in the event that someone does breach your security. These safes will protect your documents and money from fire damage, while also preventing burglar access. Make sure that your safe meets the specifications of your insurance company, and check all alarms and equipment for the UL rating.

Step 3: Get the Right Staff and the Right Safe

Not all the dangers that your business faces come from the outside. Sometimes, one of the biggest threats to a company is employee fraud and theft. In fact, surveys indicate that around 95% of employees admit to stealing from their employer. Making sure you hire responsible and trustworthy employees can prevent both external and internal theft. Training staff how to lock up at night is a great safety measure to start with. Installing CCTV can help you keep an eye on your employees. Depository safes can also store checks and cash throughout the day to reduce your risk of losing money to sticky-fingered staff.

Step 4: Install Exterior Security Measures

CCTV cameras aren't just effective inside your business, they can be useful outside too. CCTV not only deters criminals from targeting your business in the first place, but it can also help to catch culprits who manage to get beyond your security measures. If you’re unable to install security surveillance equipment, it can still help to make the public think you do have it. Displaying signs that your business is being monitored makes you a less tempting target to thieves. In addition to high-tech security solutions, traditional measures like security fencing can help to protect your company. Barriers deter intruders from making their way onto your property, and they can work in conjunction with perimeter detection systems to reduce your risk of theft.

Step 5: Lock Up Secure Windows and Doors

It may seem obvious, but it's easy for staff members to forget to lock up when they leave the business after a long day. Doors and windows should not only be locked securely with deadbolts and other safety solutions, but you should make sure that they're constructed using high-quality materials too. Heavy metal grates might be necessary for vulnerable windows, and special solutions may be needed for sliding or glass doors. When installing the right windows, doors, and locks for your business, it's important not to cut corners to try and save money. Often, you'll find that a local locksmith can provide advice on the right security for your business premises. What’s more, your employees should all know how to lock up and enable the alarm system.

Protecting Your Business

For modern business owners, their company can be their life's work. Just as you would work hard to protect your home and your family from intruders, it's crucial to make sure you have the right measures in place to protect your business investments too. These 5 steps can help you start making your company more secure today.