Family is the most valuable thing we have, and as such, is the most important thing to protect. Possessions can be replaced in the case of a burglary, fire, or natural disaster, but your family members cannot. Protecting our loved ones isn’t just for the ultra-macho man of the house—it’s an instinct many of us share that comes naturally. Protecting our loved ones happens in many ways. From standing up for a sibling who’s being bullied on the playground to installing a security system on your home, we can all take measures both small and large to keep our families safe. Keep reading to learn 6 tips to help you protect your most valuable asset.

Invest in a Firearm

This is one of the big decisions for the head(s) of the household. Protecting family is among the top reasons to invest in a firearm, and in the case of an emergency, a firearm can prove to be invaluable. But it is a sensitive decision to make, and one that comes with a lot of responsibility. All gun owners must make gun safety a top priority in their home, and that includes for kids, too. Everyone in the house must be fully aware of the rules surrounding the firearm, and it should be kept in a locked gun safe at all times.

Self-Defense Training

You are never too young or too old to begin self-defense training. Attend a self-defense class or even take up a sport like Taekwondo, which focuses specifically on self-defense techniques. By physically training to protect yourself and your family, you will know how to react and be more confident in emergency situations.

First Aid & CPR Training

In case of an emergency, everyone in the family should have both CPR and basic first aid training. It’s an absolute requirement for parents. Think about it—every childcare provider in the U.S. is required to be CPR certified, so why wouldn’t every parent expect the same of themselves? CPR certification is very affordable and can save lives. So what are you waiting for?

Security System

Security systems are not just for businesses anymore. Families should consider installing comprehensive security systems that include an alarm, video cameras, motion/entry sensors, and high-quality locks on windows and doors.

Fire Protection

Pyromaniacs beware: every family member should find a friend in Smokey Bear know that fire is not anything to mess around with. If your kids have learned fire emergency protocol at school, practice with them at home. If they haven’t, teach them the principles of “stop, drop, and roll,” which includes that they should only do this if their clothing catches fire—sometimes kids get confused and think stop, drop, and roll applies anytime there’s danger of fire, which, as you can imagine, can actually put them in danger. Create an emergency exit plan for your home and practice it at least once per year with your family. Make sure you have smoke/carbon monoxide alarms installed, and test them frequently. Keep your family’s important items in a fireproof safe for added safety.

Online Protection

While online protection may seem arbitrary when thinking about protecting your family at home, it is extremely important today when information is so freely available online. Thieves can find all sorts of information to assist them in their digital debauchery. Secure your computers with firewalls and malware protection and create hard-to-crack passwords, and be reasonable about the information you share on your social media accounts. Starting a family is a beautiful thing that comes with a lot of important responsibilities. You can protect your family, yourself, and your home by being proactive and aware. Be on the safe side by investing in a firearm and firearm safety, learning self-defense, becoming CPR-certified, installing a home security system, making fire safety a priority, and ensuring the security of your digital accounts. We hope that you’ll never run into any sticky situations, but being prepared means you’ll know how to handle them and come out safe on the other side if you do.
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