Throughout the year, many of us travel on vacation or to see family and friends. But before you pack your luggage and lock the door, take the time to safeguard your home while you’re away. Burglaries peak during high-travel times of the year, and criminals set their sights on homes that look like easy targets. Instead of worrying while you’re out of town (which will prevent you from really enjoying your trip), offer yourself some peace of mind before you go on your travels. Here are six tips for keeping your home safe when you’re not around.

1. Don’t Advertise Your Absence

If you’re leaving town for a vacation, keep that information close to your chest, and certainly don’t broadcast your absence where malicious minds can find out about it. While it’s fun to tell your friends about the trip you’ve planned, it’s easy for complete strangers to overhear your conversations in public or to see your posts on social media. Be aware of who you talk to and save your online posts for after your return – plus, in the wake of your trip, you’ll have great pictures and fond memories to accompany your post.

2. Protect Your Valuables

Whether you’ve recently made some expensive purchases, celebrated a special occasion with gifts, or simply own a lot of electronics and antiques, keep these items well-hidden while you’re away. Make sure your valuables cannot be seen through your windows. If you’ve celebrated a holiday recently, leave the cleanup from any gift-giving and new purchases until after you return home. Burglars are often on the lookout for packaging (especially packaging that’s been thrown out) that would indicate there are valuables in the house. That means you should keep the boxes and gift wrap in your garage until you’re back home and can keep a close eye on your valuables.

3. Keep Your Lights On

A dark house is a sure sign that no one is home. Lighting is an effective way to feign activity and keep burglars from pouncing. Use motion-sensors outside and get timers for your interior lights. Turn lights on and off inside your home throughout the day, and have your outdoor lights strategically directed at doors, windows, and garages to really throw off any burglars checking out your neighborhood.

4. Have Some Signs of Life

If you have newspapers piling up on your stoop, a lawn that looks like a jungle, and an empty driveway, a burglar may believe they’ve found their golden ticket. Try to leave signs of life around your home in your absence. As well as leaving your lights on, keep your car in your garage, schedule lawn care, and have a friend or neighbor pick up your mail. Even better, commission a house-sitter to breathe some real life into your living quarters while you’re away on vacation.

5. Don’t Be a Target

Burglaries usually happen when a house looks like easy pickings. If you’ve left your windows open and there is no sign of an alarm system or a canine companion, what’s to deter a dangerous individual from giving your house a once-over? Home security systems, “Beware of the Dog” signs, and clear visibility of comings and goings can all put off a burglar. If you don’t want to actually acquire an alarm system or a dog to guard your house, you may find that just having the signs and stickers can help chip away at the confidence of a potential burglar.

6. Stay Safe with a Safe

Unfortunately, burglars can still strike even when you’ve taken every precaution possible. Losing priceless items can be very distressing, especially after returning home from a fun trip. But just because a burglar managed to breach the outer security of your home doesn’t mean they can access your most beloved possessions. If you don’t already have a safe in your home, you should consider investing in one as an extra layer of security for your treasured items. Before you lock up your home for a long trip, store jewelry, important documents, and cherished keepsakes in your safe, so you can really relax while you’re away. Contact Western Safe today for more expert advice on keeping your personal belongings secure when you’re out of town.
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