When it comes to keeping your most important assets safe, you need a solution that can combat multiple threats, including burglary and fire. While safes can cost thousands of dollars, there are affordable options out there for homeowners looking to conceal their possessions in a securely locked place. Many safes on the market come at a reasonable cost and provide protection for your vital documents, family heirlooms, cash, and more. Here we’ll look at some fire and burglary safes under $1000 that can keep your belongings preserved and protected.

EST Series

The EST Series safes are a deterrent level hotel style safe with 14-gauge solid steel and pry-resistant doors. Each safe in this series features a DL5000 electronic lock that will accept two user codes (one for yourself and one other trusted family member). If you’re concerned about someone accessing your items without your knowledge, you can check the open-door records, which are stored for the past 14 entries. In the event of an emergency, you can open through the key-lock override (two keys are provided) and the power override battery box. These can be bolted to the wall or floor, depending on the layout of your space. The following options are deterrent level safes, meaning that they are useful for concealing your important items and can act as an effective deterrent for a burglar, but they don’t offer strong security if someone attempts to break into them. These are best used with an existing alarm system.

EST Series 813

Weight: 16 pounds Internal Space: 498 cubic inches, with a removable shelf

EST Series 1014

Weight: 22 pounds Internal Space: 1,032 cubic inches, with a removable shelf

EST Series 916

Weight: 30 pounds Internal Space: 1,765 cubic inches, with a removable shelf

EST Series 2014

Weight: 40 pounds Internal Space: 2,602 cubic inches, with a removable shelf


AMSEC CSC Series safes offer more protection than the EST Series, particularly because they are Dual Rated Burglar and Fire Safes. The door of each safe in this series is 4⅝” thick, with a 1/4” barrier of outer steel plate and 12 gauge inner plate. In between those steel plates, each safe is encompassed by AMSEC’s proprietary fire proofing material. These safes also feature heat expandable intumescent door seals, which guard the possessions kept inside against fire. When a fire heats the door, the seal expands, reducing the chances of your valuable items burning. The following safes are rated to have a 2 hour fire rating, offering impressive protection for important documents and other prized items in the event of a fire. This series also carries a UL RSC burglary label. With these safes, we include a UL Group II combination lock with a special tempered glass relock device — to deter and hinder burglary. The heavy duty steel hinges will last for decades, and you can implement the recessed anchor bolt hole and mounting hardware to make it even more challenging for a thief to access your valuables.

CSC Series 1413

Weight: 256 pounds

CSC Series 1913

Weight: 318 pounds


The WS Series wall safes are installed flush with the wall surface, making them easy to hide behind furniture, artwork, picture frames, or other items. This type of safe is easy to access, and is generally made of heavy-duty steel with shelves that help you organize your valuable items. Wall safes are ideal for small personal items such as jewelry, documents, rare coins, cash, and other treasured items. The following wall safes are effective for concealment, but are a deterrent level safe and should only be used as such. They are a good fit with an existing alarm system.


Weight: 20 pounds

Valueguard In-Floor Safe

The Valueguard VGB1500E floor safe is made for in ground installation and can be concealed under carpet, tile, or wood. In-floor safes stay completely concealed, making a burglary much less likely. Constructed of solid steel, it uses a simple, 3-number lock combination. This black powder coated safe has a lift out door and steel spring loaded re-locker. This type of safe can be covered with many flooring materials, and is a great way to create a permanent solution for the safekeeping of your valuables.


Weight: 75 pounds Western Safe has been selling top-of-the-line home safes since 1945. If we don’t have the right safe for you in stock, we’ll order it for you. Get in touch with us today and let us help find the solution for you.
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