Today, it seems almost impossible to imagine a life without our smartphones. Most people eat with them, travel with them, and even sleep with them — as what was once a device used to make phone calls has evolved into a technological crutch, and cultural icon. The smartphone is no longer a simple convenience — it's a system for education, connectivity, entertainment, and productivity. It's impossible to ignore the benefits that smartphones offer. Now, it seems that we can even use our Androids, tablets, and iPhones to ensure our homes remain safe and secure when we're not there to monitor them. There are hundreds of home-security apps available that are effective, easy to use — and sometimes even free. Whether you want to reduce your risk of a household fire, make sure that intruders don't gain access to your property, or want to watch for any suspicious activity, the following apps will have your back.


Got a current home-security system that you'd like to give a modernized technological makeover? The app allows users to combine their pre-existing systems with their smartphone, so that they can monitor and control their hardware through their phone. Home security apps like these are particularly useful for individuals who spend a lot of time outside the house, as with a single download, you can receive real-time alerts to your phone whenever your alarm system detects a security breach, or movement around the property. If the security applications alone aren't convincing enough, you can also manage how much energy you use, watch video streaming for cameras around your home, and even interact instantly with your security system.

2. Yale Crime Watcher

This particular home-security app is a great solution for individuals who like to take preventative measures in protecting their home. If you're taking a well-earned vacation soon and you'd like to prepare yourself with the latest crime statistics in your neighborhood, the Yale Crime Watcher app could be the ideal solution. All you need to do is enter your postcode, and the application provides you with 1-mile wide statistics throughout a one month period, to give you an insight into the security of your local area, and any safety measures that you might need to take. Another great thing about this tech solution? It's completely free, and can be a great source of bonus information if you're thinking of moving to a new area.

3. Canary

The Canary smart system for home security features innovative climate sensors and top-of-the-range technology that enables it to almost completely replace bulky and outdated home-safety systems. Once you buy the actual device, the app comes as a free bonus, allowing you to track motion within your home wherever you are — whenever you want, alongside sound, temperature, activity, and even air-quality. The device itself comes equipped with a night-vision enabled HD camera, as well as motion sensors, a microphone, and sensors for climate control. Although the price may seem steep when you consider all the free apps available on the market, it's important to note that this system is one of the most innovative solutions available today.

4. Smoke Alarm Messenger

This is a nifty, and relatively simple application that can come in handy when you're spending extended periods of time away from your property. The primary function of the smoke alarm messenger is that it can send real-time SMS messages to your phone, or the smartphone of another person, whenever the smoke detector you have installed at home triggers. Imagine the benefits of this application when looking after an elderly relative, or an individual that has trouble with their hearing. If they cannot hear the smoke alarm themselves — for whatever reason, you could receive an alert that allows you to send the emergency services directly to their home.

5. iScentry

The chances are that you have a home computer set up in your living room or office. The iScentry app utilizes this pre-existing home technology, by turning the attached web-cam on your home computer into a surveillance system. All you need to do is arrange your camera so that it points towards an area in your home that you want to monitor, and if motion occurs, the app will notify you. If you have some extra time to spare on a train journey or in-between meetings, you can even check out the live video-stream, or snap photos for evidence in the future.

Use Technology to Stay Safe

Smartphones today are a far-cry from the simple devices that we used to carry in pockets and purses for convenience. Today, your smartphone is a sophisticated device that competes with any conventional computer — and with the right applications, they could be the next step in ensuring a safe, and secure home.
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