Starting life as a small business in Paramount, California, American Security Products Co. opened in 1940. Since then, the company has evolved into one of the most popular safe manufacturers in the world, offering their customers unparalleled peace of mind when it comes to home and business security. Today, AMSEC is a globally trusted provider of cost-effective and pragmatic safe solutions. The company has been providing reliability and high-performance for more than 70 years, with a product line that includes 400 business and residential models. To help you choose the perfect American Security safe for your needs, we're going to give you a quick, informative rundown of some of the most popular options on the market.

FV Series AMSEC Safes

The FV series is a fantastic entry-level safe collection, providing plenty of security for homeowners. If you're looking to invest in a budget-friendly American Security safe, this could be the ideal option. These models come with the capacity to withstand fire damage at 1,200oF for up to 45 minutes. Additionally, the FV series features a robust locking system, featuring a total of 14 bolts. Protected by a 12-gauge steel body framework, the FV AMSEC safes are accessible through an U.L. Listed E-lock with an illuminated keypad. Customers can also supplement the digital lock with an optional group 2 combination lock. Further defense comes from the safe's drill-resistant hard-plate, and a lifetime warranty against theft.

TF Series AMSEC Safes

The TF series is another popular American Security safe line. Designed to suit almost any budget, these models still offer exceptional security. The TF series provides 30 minutes of protection from fire at 1,200o F, as well as a two-stage door seal to protect from damage and heat. The body of the AMSEC TF safes we offer are 12- or 14-gauge steel, depending on the model, ideal for preventing intruders from gaining access to your valuables. The door features a steel plate, combined with three deadbolts and five one-inch locking bolts. The safe comes with a quick-access electronic keypad.

NF Series AMSEC Safes

The NF Series is the American Security safe for mid-level needs. With a fire protection rating of 90 minutes at 1,200o F, you'll have ample protection from heat damage. To provide the ultimate defense, the NF series contains three layers of fire-insulating material. To keep valuables defended against a break-in, American Security has introduced a range of incredible features with the NF Series, including a quarter-inch steel plate on the door and the security of 14 bolts. The full body of the safe also comes with 11-gauge steel to defend against blunt force.

BF Series AMSEC Safes

Finally, the BF series from American Security is the biggest and arguably most secure gun safe in the collection. Classed as a U.L. Residential Security Container, the BF Series provides exceptional protection against damage and theft, with a door featuring up to a half-inch-thick plate of solid steel. The fire protection rating for the BF Series measures in at an impressive two hours at 1,200oF, which is some strongest protection AMSEC offers. Instead of using gypsum board, the BF series introduces "DryLight" concrete that defends against blunt force and fire damage alike. The BF series bodies feature 2-inch-thick walls made up of DryLight and steel. It is truly a state-of-the-art safe.

Finding the Best American Security Safe

When it comes to peace of mind and security, American Security safes remain your best choice. After almost 80 years of production, AMSEC continues to impress customers with models that can stand up to fire, burglary, and blunt force. If you're looking for exceptional customer service, assistance, and the best AMSEC safes on the market, then Western Safe is the go-to dealer for all your needs. We stock the most popular American Security solutions you’ll find anywhere, for a price you can afford.
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