Valueguard Despoitory Safes

Western Safe & Vault Co has been synonymous with quality safe products since we opened our doors in 1945. More than 70 years have passed, but one thing remains constant: We pride ourselves on the exceptional safes we sell to our valued home and business owners.

At Western Safe & Vault Co, we only carry brands that you can rely on and trust — which is why we’re proud to offer Valueguard deposit safes for sale.

As part of the Western Safe & Vault Co brand, Valueguard provides top-of-the-line protection at an affordable price. With a Valueguard deposit safe, you can feel confident that you’re getting all the quality you’ve come to expect from Western Safe & Vault Co.

Read on to learn more about the Valueguard features and options that will ensure your valuable deposits always stay safe.

Valueguard Quality

The Valueguard brand was designed to offer unparalleled security for daily cash and paper dropoffs at your business — no matter how many people are using your safe or have access to it.

With a Valueguard deposit safe, you can relax knowing that your deposits won’t fall into the hands of thieves or untrustworthy employees. Valueguard safes feature a variety of heavy-duty locking and bolting options, as well as Sawtooth Anti-Fish Baffle — so deposits can’t be forcibly removed or fished out once they’ve been made.

With B-rated ½-inch doors, ⅛-inch solid steel walls, and carpeted linings, Valueguard deposit safes are hard to break into, yet soft on your valuables, to provide the ultimate protection and peace of mind.

The Valueguard Collection

With a wide range of sizes and security features, there’s a Valueguard deposit safe for sale to suit every type of business.

The VGDS2014C Valueguard deposit safe boasts a combination lock with a secure relocking system for simple yet effective deposit security. The VGDS2014E model offers the same depository space, but features an electronic lock that can be changed infinite times and high-security backup keys for extra protection.

The VGDS2014K Valueguard deposit safe is the ideal model for businesses that require an armored car pick up because of its double-key, dual-entry verification feature.

For heavier-duty security, the VGDS3020ee model uses spring-loaded relockers and digital locks that can be programmed with two codes. With its lighted display, this Valueguard deposit safe can be easily used in the dark to make depositing your valuables quicker and easier than ever — no matter what time of day it is.

Thanks to their standard locking devices, Valueguard deposit safes eliminate expensive locksmith combo change fees. That means employee turnover won’t add extra costs or stress to the depository system at your business.


Contact Western Safe & Vault Co today for expert guidance on choosing the right Valueguard deposit safe for your business. You can also call us toll-free at 800-560-2666, or locally at 858-277-7711. We’re confident that we’ll have a Valueguard deposit safe for sale that will meet your unique needs.