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The AMSEC UL Listed BF Fire Rated 1 Hour (UL) RSC-Rated Burglary Safe has all of the features below plus it has almost 3 cubic feet of interior space (2.90 cu. ft. actually). The 22 1/4" outside depth (includes the lock, handle and hinges) will fit in most standard closets today.

The Dual Rated AMSEC BF is the standard in the industry. The door has an overall thickness of 3 1/2" with a solid 1/2" thick steel plate included. Impressive Huh? We thought so. Along with the 1/2" steel plate we have included three (3) very large 1"" diameter bolts and a full length dead bar that fits deep into the interior to protect the contents from forcible entry. The body with 1/8" steel shell and overall thickness of a bit more than 2.5 inches helps provide the UL Class 350 One Hour Fire Label. This is your assurance the contents of your safe are protected from fire.

To insure the ULFire Rating, AMSEC Safe uses a special door seal that expands when heated. This process greatly reduces the chances of your contents burning up during a long and intense fire. To put our money where our mouth is we have a LIFETIME Fire Replacement Warranty on all AMSEC BF Series safes.

Oh and let's not forget that this Dual Rated AMSEC Burglary & Fire Safe comes with a UL RSC burglary label. To assure the burglary protection we have also included a UL Group II combination lock with a special auxiliary relock device. There is also heavy duty steel hinges that promise decades of use. We have also included a recessed anchor bolt hole and mounting hardware, that when used, will add greatly to the theft protection of the safe.

The Fire and Burglary Rated AMSEC Safe BF comes standard with a dial combination lock and there is an optional esl10xl electronic lock available.

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