Many of us may find ourselves scratching our heads this season and wondering what to get friends or family members who seem to have everything they need. Well, might we suggest a gift that until recently didn’t even exist? Now that the internet can be built into just about anything and everything (we’ve talked about this before, covering how the Internet of Things and home safety gadgets intersect), an entirely new class of inventions has arisen. Smart gadgets provide entertainment, convenience, and assistance in ways that were not possible before now. This gift guide outlines some of the hottest and coolest smart gadgets on the market this holiday season. Pick one up for anyone on your gift list. Happy shopping!
  1. Smart Safe – Of course, we’ll lead with safes: A safe protects your most valuable items from theft, fire, weather, and just about any other threat. Now that options like Amsec have smart technology installed, it’s seamless for you to get in — but even harder for everyone else.
  2. Smart Fitness Trackers – A smart band around your wrist tracks everything from your footsteps to your heart rate to your sleep quality. These are perfect for the fitness enthusiast in your life or anyone who is eager to get more active. Fitbit makes one of the most popular options on the market.
  3. Smart Video Assistants – Smart assistants like Alexa are now being built into screens so that you can access pictures and video content with just your voice. If someone in your life loves to video chat or use a computer/tablet in the kitchen, they will find tons of uses for this gadget.
  4. Smart TVs – Today’s TVs have impressive options for streaming, voice recognition, games, and more built in — superior even when compared to the TVs of just a few years ago. Anyone you know who loves to stream Netflix or explore YouTube will be thrilled by some of the latest smart features. TCL has a lot of great introductory options.
  5. Smart Speakers – Just say the song, album, or artists you want to hear and that music begins playing out of high-quality, cordless speakers. If you are close to a musician or someone who loves constant background music, a smart speaker like this one from Sonos is a must-have.
  6. Smart Light Bulbs – Internet-connected light bulbs let you do everything from dim light brightness to changing color, all from your phone. Brands like Hive make great stocking stuffers for everyone on your list.
  7. Smart Thermostat – It’s easier than ever to precisely control the temperature in the house while also saving on utility bills every month. Everyone can benefit from a smart thermostat, but especially people who are away from home a lot. Nest is one of the leading brands.
  8. Smart Doorbell – Whenever someone rings the doorbell, an alert is sent to your phone, along with a live video feed so you can see who’s coming to dinner. An option like Ring is great for deterring package thieves and monitoring your home from anywhere.
  9. Smart Detectors – Smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors now come with sensors that will alert your phone when there is cause for alarm and even tell you where the potential threat is located. These essential home-safety devices provide a lot more protection now, thanks to the smart technology in options like Leeo.
  10. Smart Lock – Who needs a key when you can simply unlock your door with your phone or send an access code to someone you trust? Brands like Ultraloq make it easy to secure your home and avoid accidentally locking yourself out.
  11. Smart Monitoring – Home security technology seems to be evolving faster all the time. Security systems like this one from Samsung monitor when doors and windows are opened and have gotten a lot more advanced. It’s possible to monitor the perimeter of the entire home right from your phone.
Technology is redefining how our gadgets work and transforming our home and office spaces in the process. If you want to make a splash this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with the latest tech. And if you’re interested in learning more about the relationship between technology and security, Western Safe is here to keep you updated. Follow our blog to receive regular updates and in-depth features.
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