Home security has always been a hot spot for the technology industry — even before artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things changed the marketplace. And it makes sense that consumers are willing to go to great lengths to protect their property: Your home is your biggest investment, your sanctuary, and a place that should always feel safe. Today, the rise of new innovations in the tech marketplace has allowed everything from your locks to your cameras to become increasingly intelligent. Automated technology that learns over time can notify you if something seems out of place, monitor your home when you're not around, and even help you make your house more efficient. The question is: With so many products on the market, which tech gadgets should you consider to boost your home safety?

1. Security Cameras

Cameras remain one of the most important components of any security strategy. The right camera doesn't just watch over your property — it actively helps protect your belongings, too. Devices like the Nest Outdoor camera come with smart alert systems that tell you when suspicious activities are taking place outside your home. This weatherproof camera is easy to notice but difficult to remove, making it a perfect choice for deterring criminals. Smart cameras also come with a huge range of additional functions for convenience, like facial recognition technology that can let you into your home when you don't have your keys. Facial recognition gives you a secure method of access that can't be stolen from you in the same way as a passcode or physical key.

2. Alarms and Sensors — For Everything

The "alarm" part of a home security system used to refer to a single-faceted device that alerted police when someone accessed your home without permission. While these devices still provide that service today, they also do so much more. New technology has made it both harder for burglars to disarm alarms and easier for those devices to connect with the police and other emergency services. Your alarms aren’t solely for break-ins; the motion sensor system has evolved to include sensors for almost everything you can think of. Your smart home systems can detect everything from carbon monoxide leaks to fires, and even potential floods. Once a problem is detected, the device simply informs the relevant emergency service and gets help to your house as quickly as possible.

3. Smart Locks

Locking your front door with a key could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to smart locks. Smart home security systems allow you to unlock your front door using anything from your smartphone to your face. Some locks also have keypad entry codes, so you can grant access to house sitters and neighbors when you're on vacation and then simply change the code when you return. The best digital locks are available not only for doors but for windows and garages, too. Essentially, you can now lock your entire home up tightly without using a single key. These locks can also connect to other systems throughout your house using the Internet of Things and Wi-Fi; for example, they could signal your heating or air conditioning systems to come on as you approach the house.

4. Smart Lights and Blinds

As many as 70% of all thefts take place when there's no one home. For the most part, burglaries are crimes of convenience, conducted when the criminal feels that there will be as little resistance as possible. By using smart systems that make your home look occupied, you can reduce the risk of being targeted. Smart bulbs and switches allow you to turn your systems off and on while you're away from home. There are even options for remote control blinds that allow you to block off any view of the inside of your home when you're not around; you can control the blinds from your home or set them to close at specific times each day.

5. Smart Home Hubs and Apps

If you want a security system that transforms your entire home into a clever fortress, then you'll need a smart home hub. These hubs use your internet connection to interact with other appliances around your home. Each hub comes with its own application which you can download onto your smartphone and use to control various elements — anything from your alarms and sensors to your automatic lights. Some smart hub systems even go beyond security to include other features: There are systems that allow you to control your heating and ones that can prompt your coffee machine to start brewing when you’re on your way home. The complexity of your smart hub will depend on your specific needs.

Don't Forget Your Failsafe

Keep in mind that no matter how clever or advanced your security system may be, there's always a chance that burglars could make their way into your home. Just as security strategies are becoming more intelligent, those who intend to circumvent those protections are growing craftier. The best way to ensure complete peace of mind is to be sure your most important belongings are secured in a home safe. A home safe will keep the items you can’t bear to lose protected and secure — whether that’s personal documents, family heirlooms, or other cherished possessions. Contact Western Safe to find the safe that's right for you.
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