We work hard to make our homes comfortable places to live. While living in safe home is part of the American Dream, there are everyday things we do that could jeopardize our security. The problem arises when we become too comfortable and don’t take the necessary steps to protect our homes, our belongings, and our loved ones. There are some longstanding myths regarding home security that are not only wrong – they could prove dangerous. Let’s take a look at these, and the real truths, a little more closely:

Home Security Myth #1: Doors Only Need to Be Locked at Night, or When I’m Away for a Long Time.

The Truth: There is a home burglary every 15 seconds in the U.S. and not all of those occur after dark, or in a home that is empty for hours on end. Criminals are smart. They know how to enter and exit a home quickly, and where to find what they want in just a few minutes. Further, the FBI reports that 38 percent of assaults and 60 percent of rapes occur during home invasions which tells us that homes are not always empty when break-ins take place. It is important to keep your doors and windows locked, even during the day — and even when you are home — for maximum security.

Home Security Myth #2: Criminals Only Enter Through the Back Door.

The Truth: Criminals are bolder than you think. They in tune with their surroundings, and will walk right through a front door or open garage when they know that no one is watching. Yes, you should make sure that your back doors and windows are securely locked but you should do the same for any entry points that are in plain view too.

Home Security Myth #3: Home Security Systems Aren’t Necessary in “Safe” Neighborhoods.

The Truth: First we need to think about what the word “safe” actually means. A neighborhood with statistically less crime does complete make it immune to home break-ins. In fact, the items in these homes are likely considered more valuable to criminals than in other neighborhoods. Have an alarm system in place, keep your valuables in a safe, and if possible, implement a video surveillance option. Alert people to the presence of your alarm by posting a sign in your yard or a sticker on your front window. It’s also important for landlords to take this tip seriously to keep their properties safe.

Home Security Myth #4: Once I’ve Been Robbed, It Won’t Happen Again.

The Truth: Don’t be so sure. Think about it: a criminal has already been in your home once and knows where to find things. Perhaps they did not have enough time to grab all of the items they wanted, or they want to check a second time to see if your safe is unlocked. If you did not have a security alarm in place the last time your home was broken into, it is time to implement one now and prominently display that fact on the outside of your home. If you didn’t have one before, it is time to buy a safe for your most valuable items and documents. Learn from the mistakes of the first break-in and don’t let yourself be an easy victim a second time.

Home Security Myth #5: It Won’t Happen to Me.

The Truth: There is no “perfect” victim when it comes to any crime, least of all home invasions. If you have something that a criminal wants, he or she will find a way in. Don’t make it easy for these thieves. Protect yourself and your belongings with home security alarms and safes.
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