Whether they call it the apocalypse, doomsday, or Armageddon, a contingency plan is top of mind for some Earthlings on this big blue marble. Although many of us prepare for disasters by storing our valuables in a safe, keeping extra water on hand, or organizing a bug-out bag, the individuals and organizations who have built the bunkers below went that fascinating extra mile to prepare for the ultimate in home security.

The Doomsday Castle

doomsday castle

(Oriol Ribera/Flickr)

Brent Bruns and his family believe an apocalypse is coming that will be brought on by a strong electromagnetic pulse, shutting off all power and putting us out of touch with our technology. In preparation, he and his family have built a castle in South Carolina to defend against the dangers posed by a post-apocalyptic world.

Budapest Rock

With a view of the Danube, this hospital was carved into the rocky hillside and catered to Hungarians during the World War II siege. This former secret emergency hospital had its own independent electrical system, and could operate while other hospitals were incapacitated.

Noah’s Ark

An entire Ark was constructed by Lu Zhengai in northwest China in preparation for disaster. Lu began building this huge vessel in 2010 to thwart what he believed to be an impending doomsday flood. This ark was created out of 10 tons of timber and 60 tons of steel, is 65 feet long, and weighs 80 tons.

Iron Mountain

Built into part of a limestone mine, this bunker nestled in Massachusetts is a mere 10,000 square feet and was originally built by an information management services company. Although not originally intended as a bunker, it rakes as one of the most secure places on the planet.

Safety Silos

Larry Hall is currently retrofitting three Cold War-era silos that will be able to withstand an atomic blast. These safety silos have concrete walls that are a whopping nine feet thick. Located in north central Kansas, these underground bunkers have been transformed from Cold War relics to luxury condominiums so that you can survive the Armageddon in style.

Mount Weather

Located in Virginia, Mount Weather is the command center for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This compound is built out of both reinforced buildings above ground, and has bunkers underground as well. If you hear an announcement by the President or FEMA over the Emergency Alert System, you can bet that it originates from here.

Under the Lap of Luxury

During the Cold War, the US government created a secret underground bunker in the West Virginia mountains. Located under The Greenbrier luxury resort, this shelter was meant for congress and the senate in the event of a nuclear attack.

Secret Simulation

Worried you’re going to miss out on that green grass and sunshine while you’re underground? Well in Las Vegas, the home at 3970 Spencer St. has a simulated world, perfect for the most persnickety of apocalypse attendees. Measuring over 15,000 square feet, this fallout shelter is designed in 1970s style and has green AstroTurf, fake trees, and even rolling hills painted on the backdrop.

The Burlington Bunker

Need space for you and 5,999 of your closest friends and family? Thanks to the Cold War, 35 acres of space sits 100 feet below the surface of Corsham, England. Built by the British government in 1950, this bunker can support 6,000 individuals for 3 full months.

Purchase Your Own Bunker

For a measly $60,000, you can now buy your own bunker from Atlas Survival Shelter. Made out of corrugated pipe and measuring 32 feet long by ten feet wide, this bunker is perfect for those of us who wouldn’t mind a bit of extra security buried in our backyard. These pipe shelters have an escape hatch, bunk beds, a kitchen, a toilet, and many other amenities to keep you comfortable during the end of days. Are you looking for a safe space to store your valuables without digging a hole in your yard? Explore our collection of safes to find the best security solution for your home.