Fire represents a serious danger to both home and business owners. From the potential loss of life in homes, to the ability to destroy a lifetime of labor for those who run their own companies, fire is a threat that's impossible to ignore. Though you may not have to worry about employee risk when locking up your business at the end of a workday, the threat of fire could mean that you instantly lose not only the resources within your property, but also the crucial documents and finances that you need to simplify the process of rebuilding your business. In the U.S. in 2015 alone, approximately 136,000 fires took place in non-home buildings, including business facilities. For companies, defending a business is about more than simply installing burglar alarms and fire extinguishers. It’s important to invest in a reliable, flameproof location where you can store essential items at the end of each day.

Businesses Depend on Safes

Almost all businesses depend on safes to help them store cash that's kept on site. Often, companies use depository safes, which can allow them to store checks and cash throughout the day, while protecting their revenue from employee theft and other dangers. Unfortunately, though depository safes can be very valuable and convenient for companies, they are not fireproof. The benefit of a depository safe is that it includes a drop slot or door for cash, which makes the contents vulnerable to flames. This crucial consideration may mean that businesses benefit most from a security solution that uses 2 safes, one depository safe for through-the-day protection, and one fireproof safe where you can store cash and crucial documents before closing up shop.

Fireproof Safes Offer 2 Forms of Defense

For any business, fireproof safes can offer 2 forms of security. The first, and most obvious, is that these safes can withstand high temperatures. The insulated walls, and carefully-designed structure of a fireproof safe, protects the interior contents from suffering damage because of extreme heat, even after an hour of burning. What's more, some of these structures come equipped with "smoke seals" around the door that expand naturally when the safe encounters heat, thus preventing smoke damage. In a business, there are plenty of crucial, and flammable items that a fireproof safe can protect, alongside checks and money. After all, essential paperwork might include documents that outline your ownership of the commercial property, or insurance papers, stocks, and shares. These things can help to ensure the quick and easy re-growth of the business after a fire-based disaster. The second form of defense that a fireproof safe offers is the protection of your valuables from theft. After all, these products have undergone rigorous testing to withstand not only fire, but unauthorized individuals too.

The Crucial Business Items to Keep in a Fire Safe

We've already touched on the fact that there are plenty of valuable items present within a business premises at any time, beyond checks and cash. Though finances are important, fireproof safes can also defend a host of other business valuables, such as:
  • Insurance policies and contact information: You'll need this information to start rebuilding your business after a fire.
  • External hard-drives and backups of crucial business information: Most companies store some manner of customer data, and may maintain hard-copy backups of this information to defend their future in the case of a disaster. Fireproof safes protect CDs and memory drives just like paper and documents.
  • Crucial papers related to investments, bank accounts, retirement plans, invoices, and tax information.
  • Important documents for the business, including deeds, contract agreements, stocks, and shares.
  • Information regarding due dates on outstanding debts, or potential upcoming payments from long-term clients.
  • Titles to company vehicles and spare keys.
  • Employee information and job contracts.
  • Rainy-day funds, cash, and checks that can help you to start rebuilding your business

Fire is Unpredictable

Many businesses account for the potential of theft and natural disasters when disaster-proofing their business, but it's important to remember that fire is unpredictable. Though you might tell yourself that you'll always have the chance to remove important cash and documents from your business premises each night, for most businesses the risk just isn't worth the potential cost. Because it's impossible to foresee a fire outbreak, and you may not be present during a blaze to control damages, it's crucial to make sure that you have a contingency plan that helps you to protect your most valuable documents and assets. A fireproof safe can offer businesses the peace of mind they need, while providing the protection required to get back on their feet after a disaster.