Western Safe Company has been providing responsible home and business owners with high-quality safes since 1945. With over 70 years of experience in the safe industry, we know which safes ensure the most effective protection for your valuable items, and we only carry the best safe brands — names you can rely on and trust.

At Western Safe Company, we’re proud to offer AMSEC safes for sale.

AMSEC, or American Security Products, started out in Paramount, California, and has been in business almost as long as we have. During this time, the company has created a wide variety of safes that have been proven to keep your precious belongings out of harm’s way.

Today, AMSEC is a highly-respected brand, known for its top-notch quality, advanced safe technology, and superior performance — and it’s not hard to see why.

AMSEC Quality

AMSEC prides itself on making safes that can withstand burglary attempts, as well as temperatures of 2300 degrees and above. Many AMSEC safes feature a combination of thick, hardened steel alloy plates, proprietary concrete blends, and high-tech locking systems with immovable bolt work.

All American Security safes have to pass a rigorous 28-point inspection during quality control. What’s more, the AMSEC line covers each insurance classification — from the Underwriter’s Laboratories TL-15 and TL-30, to the standard “B” rating. That means you can feel confident when you choose an AMSEC product as your safe solution.

The AMSEC Collection

With a product line of more than 400 modelsAMSEC safes come in all shapes and sizes to satisfy your exact needs. Whether you need a safe for your home, small business, or large corporation, Western Safe Company can help you find the ideal AMSEC safes for sale.  

AMSEC boasts an extensive collection of burglary safes, UL-rated fire safes, smart safes, pharmacy safes, and cash management safes. Another specialty product is the gun safe. AMSEC’s BF (Burglary and Fire) Series is one of the most secure options for keeping your firearms safe from heat damage or falling into the wrong hands. That’s because it features dry insulation and a two-layered steel body to provide unique and effective protection against fires and burglaries.

There are AMSEC safes for sale to suit every budget. The LP (Low Profile) Series offers a high level of protection at a low price, making peace of mind more affordable than ever before. These cost-effective AMSEC safes combine fireproof and anti-burglary technology with digital lock combinations to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Need advice on which AMSEC safe would be right for you? Contact Western Safe Company today for our expert assistance. You can also call us toll-free at 800-560-2666, or locally at 858-277-7711. If we don’t have the right AMSEC safe for you in stock, we can order it for you at a competitive price.