After ordering or sending a package, you want to be sure your items arrive safely. Unfortunately, unattended packages are stolen from homes, apartments, and porches every day. Here are some ways you can reduce the chance of losing your package.

Preventing Theft

When you order a package, consider asking for a tracking number. This lets you keep track of your package’s journey to your door. You can even get an idea of when during the day you can expect your package, giving you a time to be home to receive it. Many companies will provide this at no extra charge, but be sure to ask. Insuring your package is also a good idea — this will require extra fees, but it gives you peace of mind and sets up another layer of protection for your items. You can also ask for a package to require a signature. This means somebody has to be present to sign for a package before it can be delivered. If you can’t be home, you can have your package sent to a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member who can sign for it. Your neighbors can also be helpful in keeping an eye out for unusual or suspicious behavior, especially if people are following delivery trucks. Where the package is delivered is also important to think about when you’re arranging a delivery. If you have the space, consider asking for a package to be dropped off at a side door or back porch. You can also have the package sent to your work or apartment/condo complex’s main office. If you won’t be home, consider asking the shipping company to hold your package at a shipping facility where you can pick it up. You can also rent a locked mailbox at a post office or a shipping store for a more secure location. Depending on how frequently you order or where you live, you might benefit from having security cameras on your property. There are some security companies that even offer web streaming, so you can see people around your area no matter where you are. Some of these services also offer texts and other notifications in the event of a theft. If you go with cameras, make sure they are in conspicuous places that can capture pictures easily. Some shipping companies offer additional services that can keep your package safe. UPS offers a “My Choice” program that allows you to direct a package at will. Other services, such as, will notify you of when your package has arrived at a shipping facility to let you schedule your delivery when you’re available to take it.

If a Theft Happens

If you or a neighbor observes a theft, call 911 to report a crime in progress. If you can see any features of the person, make sure to take note. If you don’t see the theft, pay attention to when your package should be arriving—this is where asking for a tracking number is crucial. Call the shipper as soon as you can. When you contact the sender, ask if they can start a trace with their shippers to see if something happened on their end. If you took out insurance on the package, you can get reimbursed for your loss. It’s also important to call your credit card company or bank to let them know your item was stolen to get a possible refund of your money. When you order an item or send a package, you expect it to come on time and in a safe manner. It’s a good idea to take some extra time to add some safeguards that will protect your items. Asking for tracking numbers, signatures, and insurance can keep your packages safe. If you do lose a package, contacting authorities, shippers, vendors, and credit card companies can help you get something to compensate for your loss. Have you ever lost a package? What do you do to make sure your packages arrive safely?
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