Owning a firearm without a proper storage compartment can be dangerous, especially with kids around. Guns are expensive to replace and, most importantly, dangerous in the wrong hands. Some states attribute a level of responsibility to owners when stolen firearms are improperly used. So, it goes without saying that a gun safe, much like a gun, is an investment in your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Now is the best time to invest in a durable and highly secure gun safe, since some of the benefits to purchasing one currently include being exempt from the mandatory sales tax. This knocks out that 6 to 10 percent additionally fee state residents are obliged to pay.

Why the Tax Exemption?

State senators in Connecticut, Washington, Michigan, Massachusetts, and New Jersey have implemented laws that exempt all gun safe purchases from sales tax. In plainer terms, gun owners can purchase gun safes without the additional state’s sales tax. The sales tax exemption came partly as a result of the most recent Newton (Sandy Hook Elementary School) tragedy. This event apparently occurred due to an unsecured gun safe which made accessible guns to the mentally unstable perpetrator. Sen. Rebekah Warren notes that approximately 1.7 million American children live amidst unsecured firearms, and a great number of these children can easily locate their parent’s guns and ammunition. Likewise, Rep. John Carter of Homeland Security suggests that the majority of mass shooting occurrences are the result of illegal accesses to firearms and, in general, firearms that ended up in the wrong hands. Carter goes on to say that proponents of the Secure Firearms Bill “specifically target better security of firearms by law-abiding citizens through incentives, not mandates.” Secure Firearms Act proponent, Henry Cuellar, also notes that this is a most reasonable approach to increasing accessibility to gun safety equipment that reduce gun violence and prevent the misuse of firearms. Essentially, this sales tax exemption is meant to promote gun safety and encourage all firearm owners to pay critical attention to their weapons and ammunition, especially when not in use.

Some Of The Sales Tax Benefits Include...

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Jersey exempt all purchases of gun safety locks and safes from sales; Washington, on the other hand, only exempts gun safes. As indicated above, this voids the additional 6 to 10 percentages on receipts, helping consumers with their savings in the long run. Also, these state initiatives allocate up to $1,200 per gun safe purchases, which can be of great assistance when purchasing highly durable gun safes and trigger safety locks.

Why Buy a Gun Safe?

Although greatly beneficial, the sales tax exemption still doesn’t retract the responsibility associated with gun ownership. Not only do gun safes offer protection against a possible liability suit that could occur from stolen and misused guns, they protect you from expenses procured from having to replace a stolen gun.
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