Accidents can occur when you least expect them. A misplaced screwdriver, an uncovered outlet, or a toy left in the middle of the hallway can, at best, all lead to either minor scrapes or, at worst, to situations requiring medical attention. To avoid any scares, especially with toddlers and newborns, it’s best to have a home safety checklist on hand. This will let you know what to lookout for, granting you peace of mind to allow your children the freedom to explore as active and healthy children. We’ve included a checklist below to assist you in transforming your home into a risk-free zone.


Are There Matches and Lighters Within Children’s Reach?

A match or a lighter in the wrong hands can be quite dangerous. Also, keep your children away from lit burners and ovens, and don’t carry or hold your child while cooking.

Are There Unplugged Electrical Cords?

Often times, people leave their devices plugged in, causing others to stumble and trip over the cord. Apart from sprained joints, this can result in some problems with your electrical devices. Not to mention, open outlets can be quite dangerous. Cover your outlets with safety plugs when they’re not in use. To ensure your home is protected against electrical accidents, immediately unplug all appliances after every use, and place all electrical equipments, such as televisions and speakers, securely against the wall.

Is the Furniture Secure? Properly Bolted in Place?

The dangers of furniture tip-overs are so great children constantly visit emergencies from injuries caused by tipped televisions, tables, mirrors, and bookshelves. The injuries sustained by tipped-over furniture can be severe and detrimental. Make sure to secure your furniture in place to prevent any such accidents.

Are There Walkways Obstructed by Small Objects?

As an able-bodied adult, you may not be affected by objects obstructing your path. At the very least, you could side-step or walk over the object in question. But, for kids, elders, and disabled people, toys, boxes, and other objects blocking clear paths could cause dangerous accidents. Always keep your walkways and living spaces clear.

Are All Poisonous Products Properly Stored Away?

Bleach, detergents, cleaning agents, soap, and other cleaning supplies are poisonous when ingested. Such products should be kept away from children, who, at a certain age, begin to taste everything in sight. Medicine, for example, is the leading cause of child poisoning. Since they look like candy, and sometimes taste like them too, they can often pass as edible delicacies to toddlers. Store your medications in places above children’s reach.

Are There Choking Hazards and Medications Within Children’s Reach?

As previously mentioned, kids taste everything and anything they can get their hands on, most likely as a result of their budding curiosity. At a certain age, they begin to bite on credit cards, shoes, batteries, keys, and much more. In this case, small objects become choking hazards. For a safe home, store all small objects and other choking hazards out of children’s reach.

Have You Safely Stored All Guns in Locked Gun Safes?

Guns are incredibly powerful and can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Protect your guns and keep your family safe by keeping guns properly stored in gun safes.

Have You Stored Away All Sharp Tools?

An unattended knife or razor blade can cause accidents within seconds. For example, a blade left by the edge of the counter can easily tip down onto your pets or your crawling child. As a rule of thumb, store away all sharp tools after every use from the reach of your children. Likewise, recycle all glass, and store gardening supplies and tools properly. Tighten loose bolts and screws. And watch out for sharp edges, splinters, and rust on your kids’ swing set.

Are There Climb-Proof Fences by the Staircases in Your Home?

If not, consider installing them. Unfortunately, many accidents occur on staircases, making them a safety hazard to toddlers and children. Note that a slight tumble can still lead to severe injuries. To protect your child from a dangerous crash, invest in climb-proof fences.
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